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Who Will You Become – Angel, Vampire or Zombie?

As a doctor, I was fortunate enough to learn from some incredible mentors. These were the people who lived and breathed medicine. They were willing to make regular sacrifices to go above and beyond. And they knew exactly what they

Sunk cost fallacy career watering garden

The Neverending Quest for Greener Grass

I love a catchy saying. Several years ago, someone once told me: “Oli, the grass is greener where you water it” ‘Woah…’, I thought. ‘What an inspiring way to live’. From then on, the idea of nurturing opportunities already in

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To Figure Out Your Path, Start With A Single Value

I’m a diehard Marvel fan. Recently, I was re-watching the film Avengers: Endgame. In one scene Thor meets his mother, Frigga, who gives him a much-needed pep talk: “Everyone fails at being who they’re supposed to be. The measure of

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The Hidden Benefits of Shiny Object Syndrome

Magpies are considered one of the world’s smartest creature. Not only can they imitate human speech, but they can also work in teams, play games and even make tools. Although associated with an attraction to all things shiny, magpies are actually

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How To Escape Your ‘Career Double Life’

Graduation Day. It was the culmination of 6 years of gruelling study. I had passed my finals and actually qualified as a real-life doctor. With the sun shining, my peers buzzing and my family beaming with pride, you’d think this

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Make Jealousy Into a Gift, Not a Curse

I’m no stranger to feeling jealous. I can remember that familiar gnawing sensation it can bring, especially during my last couple of years at school. The feeling of being on the outside looking in. The year before, at age 15,

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3 Life Lessons from the Biggest Mistake of My Career

As a doctor, the need to work at breakneck speeds in chaotic environments could feel overwhelming. And as an introvert who isn’t a gifted multitasker, this meant plenty of internal struggle. Often, just a single chink in the chain would