Hi, I'm Oli Page

Having navigating my own life and career changes, I’ve learned a lot.

While I started out as a doctor, I’ve come to realise that heading in the wrong direction just part of life.

With a little guidance, however, we can rediscover our internal compass, transform ourselves, and find the way to our own unique definitions of success and happiness.

There are parts of my experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone – the apathy of being disconnected from life. The pain of ending each day defeated and deflated. The hopelessness of looking to the future and not feeling inspired to carry on.

As a physician, I saw people die way before their time. I saw other people get struck down by incapacitating maladies in the prime of life. It became impossible not to absorb this undeniable fact: life is short.

I realised there simply isn’t time to waste doing what you don’t want to do, becoming someone you don’t want to become, or contributing in a way that doesn’t make you come alive.

Our loved ones, and indeed all the people we encounter, need more from us than that. That’s why I do what I do.

If you’d like to read about my story in a little more depth, check out my About page.

Are we on the same page?

A career transformation journey – and indeed any transformation – is an inside out phenomenon. It starts within, when you aspire to do work that is truly meaningful to you, and cultivate a sense of purpose in your life.

Whether you’re near the beginning, middle, or end of this journey, I would be honoured to walk alongside you.

Read through the following list of scenarios — if any resonate with you in particular, we might be a good fit for working together.

Here’s the current focus of my client work:

Where I shine as a coach

If the above scenarios ring true for you, this is how I can help out:

  1. Belief: I’ll believe in you uncompromisingly, especially when you don’t believe in yourself. And I’ll speak up when your stories aren’t serving you.
  2. Depth: Instead of settling for surface-level insights, I’ll nudge you past your first ideas if I sense you can go further. We want to hit the level of conversation where real transformation happens.
  3. Empathy: Self-exploration takes courage. When it feels right, we’ll approach it together with a gentle touch. I like to take a spirit of curiosity, letting your story unfold organically. If I learned one thing from my experience working as a doctor, it’s that talking less can be most impactful.
  4. Flexibility: If you need coaching, I’ll coach. If you’ll benefit from advice, I’ll offer advice. If you just need to bounce a single idea off me, I’ll be your sounding board and trusted advisor.
  5. Focus: You can count on me for efficiency. This type of work is more about reconnecting with your inner world, so I won’t give you any more homework than you need to do (perhaps you’re used to overworking).

Are you eligible to work with me?

If you’ve gotten this far, you likely have an idea of whether or not we’re a good match. But not only is my time limited, I’m sure yours is too. To be clear, here are 3 challenges I’m not looking to help you with:

  1. Those looking for any job, ASAP. (If we end up working together long-term, we can still work on job acquisition strategies like CV prep/personal branding – but it would likely come after the higher-level inner work.)
  2. Those looking for mostly tactical advice on networking, climbing career ladders, getting promoted, or negotiating raises.
  3. Those looking for someone, other than themself, to take responsibility for their life (or outsource their thinking).

Booking your complimentary session

If you’d like help uncovering a meaningful path forward, this is how you can get my support, for free.

Each week, I block out a limited number of 60-90 minute “Complimentary Clarity Sessions”.

Here’s what we’ll focus on during the call:

  • Your story so far
  • What isn’t working for you right now
  • Who you aspire to become

My hope is that you’ll leave the session energised and full of possibility.

At this point, you might be wondering why I’m offering this for free. The answer is: I love doing this. I love working closely with people and helping them get through significant challenges on their journey.

With so much of our lives dominated by work, the impact can be tremendous.

How to apply:

Step 1: Click the button below.

Step 2: Fill out the brief application form.

Step 3: Await my email with further instructions. Please only reach out if you’re willing invest time in doing your best thinking together with me.

If after our session we discover there’s mutual fit, and we both feel great about working together longer-term, we can discuss that too.